Tebriz Rug Dallas

Tabriz Rug Dallas

Iran is a country that fascinates its visitors with its culture, literary works, and architecture. It is a deep land where you can be enchanted by the hospitality of its people when you put aside your prejudices. However, the treasury isn’t limited to these. One of the first things that come to mind when talking about Iran is the Tabriz rug dallas with its fascinating patterns. In this article, you can get an idea of this famous carpet and get to know different models closely.

Famous Carpet of Iran

This carpet is one of the most famous carpet models in the world. Its most striking feature is its models and details of the embroidery. It is also known as the Persian carpet. It is sold extremely expensive due to the processing features of its models. There are motifs in the models of carpets that have been used widely throughout Islamic history. Another feature is that Tabriz rug dallas is made by hand. Prices of carpets around the world start from tens of thousands of dollars. The prices of these products, which are completely hand-woven, increase as the motifs get harder.

Silk and wool yarn are used in today’s Iranian rugs. Handweaving isn’t abandoned in order not to lose the value of the carpet. Both Turkish and Iranian knot techniques are preferred during weaving. In addition, vegetable dyes are preferred rather than synthetic dyes in these precious carpets, which are famous worldwide. Models may include wool on wool or wool on cotton varieties.

Features of Tebriz Rug Dallas

The most important feature of this famous carpet is that it contains the Turkish and Iranian knot together. The dates of the products date back approximately 2500 years. When viewed around the world, it is one of the oldest handmade rugs woven by Muslim civilizations. No machine is used during weaving. It was preferred by different civilizations in the Persian period. One of the reasons for its high value is that it is used as a palace rug. The fact that it is completely handed woven explains the high prices.

When you look at these carpets, you can immediately notice that their appearance is reminiscent of palace rugs. In addition to its flashy and glamorous images, it doesn’t have any extra features. However, an excessive amount of hand workmanship causes high prices. Despite this, there are many people collecting Persian rugs around the world. Although the prices are high for some, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Tabriz rug dallas can be used for many years. Compared to machine products, its durability is much higher.

Persian Carpets Today

Still, local producers in many parts of the country continue to produce these valuable carpets with handcrafting. To find the best quality and durable wool rugs, you can visit the workshops in the region called Abadeh between Isfahan and Shiraz. In common models, generally hexagonal motifs and flower and bird patterns come to the fore. Intense red-brown, red and blue colors are preferred. Although regions and production methods vary accordingly, you can easily identify oriental patterns all over the country.

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