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Iran is a country that fascinates its visitors with its culture, literary works, and architecture. It is a deep land where you can be enchanted by the hospitality of its people when you put aside your prejudices. However, the treasury isn’t limited to these. One of the first things that come to mind when talking about Iran is the Tabriz rug dallas with its fascinating patterns. In this article, you can get an idea of this famous carpet and get to know different models closely.

Famous Carpet of Iran

This carpet is one of the most famous carpet models in the world. Its most striking feature is its models and details of the embroidery. It is also known as the Persian carpet. It is sold extremely expensive due to the processing features of its models. There are motifs in the models of carpets that have been used widely throughout Islamic history. Another feature is that Tabriz rug dallas is made by hand. Prices of carpets around the world start from tens of thousands of dollars. The prices of these products, which are completely hand-woven, increase as the motifs get harder.

Silk and wool yarn are used in today’s Iranian rugs. Handweaving isn’t abandoned in order not to lose the value of the carpet. Both Turkish and Iranian knot techniques are preferred during weaving. In addition, vegetable dyes are preferred rather than synthetic dyes in these precious carpets, which are famous worldwide. Models may include wool on wool or wool on cotton varieties.

Features of Tebriz Rug Dallas

The most important feature of this famous carpet is that it contains the Turkish and Iranian knot together. The dates of the products date back approximately 2500 years. When viewed around the world, it is one of the oldest handmade rugs woven by Muslim civilizations. No machine is used during weaving. It was preferred by different civilizations in the Persian period. One of the reasons for its high value is that it is used as a palace rug. The fact that it is completely handed woven explains the high prices.

When you look at these carpets, you can immediately notice that their appearance is reminiscent of palace rugs. In addition to its flashy and glamorous images, it doesn’t have any extra features. However, an excessive amount of hand workmanship causes high prices. Despite this, there are many people collecting Persian rugs around the world. Although the prices are high for some, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Tabriz rug dallas can be used for many years. Compared to machine products, its durability is much higher.

Persian Carpets Today

Still, local producers in many parts of the country continue to produce these valuable carpets with handcrafting. To find the best quality and durable wool rugs, you can visit the workshops in the region called Abadeh between Isfahan and Shiraz. In common models, generally hexagonal motifs and flower and bird patterns come to the fore. Intense red-brown, red and blue colors are preferred. Although regions and production methods vary accordingly, you can easily identify oriental patterns all over the country.

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Persian Rug Dallas

The Difference Between Oriental and Persian Rugs




The Difference Between Oriental and Persian Rugs

An Iranian rug or Persian carpet, also called Persian carpet, is a thick woven textile generally made for symbolic and utilitarian purposes, usually for local use, home purchase, and export, traditionally by male workers in Iran. Persian carpet weaving is a significant element of Iranian art and culture. It is also used commercially in many countries as floor coverings. One-third of the world’s carpets are made in Iran. The country is one of the largest exporters of oriental textiles.

Although the traditional appearance of Persian carpets is that of simple squares or rectangles made by using warp threads tied tightly in a loop, modern carpets have more intricate patterns, such as arches, scrolls, and knots. A standard wool rug has four to six threads, of which each thread is made up of a number of smaller, thinner threads tied together with yarns in varying colors and sequences. The colors of threads can vary, too, depending on the dye that was used for production. The fibers from which a wool carpet is made may be bleached or dyed, and each color can have different properties. The wool may also come from a variety of animals, including goat, sheep, and pony.

Iran and other countries export carpets and rugs not only to other countries but also to other areas of the world, especially Europe and North America. Many designers in the United States and Europe have started to create their own versions of traditional, Iranian designs. They have incorporated floral prints, geometric patterns, animal prints, stripes, plaids, paisleys, and other patterns that are popular with consumers. These designs are not very common elsewhere in the world, but they have become more popular. European and American consumers have become accustomed to seeing these types of carpets and rugs in decorating homes and offices. Some of them have even managed to find their way into the homes of celebrities and other well-known people.

There are several styles of carpets and rugs in Iran that people love. The Shahnameh pattern is one popular design that has been copied around the world. This design has geometric designs of birds, flowers, geometrical patterns, and paisleys. It is one of the most recognizable of all Persian rugs.

People who enjoy decorating with Persian wool rugs and carpets usually choose them because of the intricate knotwork that is featured in many of these types of designs. When these wool rugs are produced in the traditional village method, with traditional looms in Iran and other countries around the world, the knots that are included in the patterns are seen as forms of art. In this process, each knot is carefully considered to be symbolic. Sometimes these knots can include Arabic words or phrases that are used as part of the design.

The dye used is also a factor that makes a big difference between oriental and Persian rugs. While the knots are still of the same shape and made using the same dye, the dye may be different in the Persian rug. The dyes used are made from safflower, a type of animal skin, goat’s skin, and the hair of wild geese. Some of these rugs will come in shades of red, green, blue, and yellow. You should also note that the knots may appear as part of the design when they are woven in the traditional way, but you won’t always see them. If you decide to purchase an oriental carpet, you should always look at the knot used as this will make the difference between a good quality piece and one that is worth less than its worth.

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Persian Rug Dallas

Social Media Marketing – 2021



Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Best Practices for the B2B market is more than just about pushing your product or service. It is an ongoing process of learning and adaptation. Just like in real life, it’s important to keep learning new tricks and constantly adjusting your strategies. Just because something worked on Facebook, the last time doesn’t mean it will work this time. In Social Media Marketing, there are no guarantees. What works well on Twitter may not attract the attention of a big company.


Today, there are billions of people using computers. Social media has changed how these people communicate. There are billions of social media sites that people can use to promote their businesses. Facebook is by far the most popular social media site.


The primary goal of a business owner should be to increase their customer base. By using social media, they can do this. They do this by reaching out to the right people and providing the right content to these people. Social media provides the opportunity to attract and retain loyal customers.


Social media marketing can be used to attract new customers. Social media marketing can be used to create awareness of your brand. Social media marketing can also be used to increase online visibility, generate sales, or gain access to top rankings. Social media marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business.


Trends are an interesting aspect of the internet. Trends change daily. These changes have been shown to affect consumer buying habits. Social media is now experiencing rapid growth in the online advertising field.


Social trends are changing at a faster rate than most people know. People are always finding new ways to interact with each other. The internet is always changing and presenting new opportunities for business owners. Social marketing is no different. Use these trends to your advantage.


How do you find the latest trends? Start by looking online. Do you have friends that use various social networking sites? Most people do. This is a great place to start.


What are some other sources of information about the current trends? There are many different sites available online. Go to Google and type in keywords related to what you are trying to find information on. You will be presented with a list of sites that provide information. Read through them and see which ones seem to be posting information on the topics you are looking for. You may want to post a question to ask these people.


It’s possible that one or more of these sources will provide you with all the information you need to start your online advertising campaign. Every new day brings something new to the online world. If you didn’t know already, it’s time to get out there and try your hand at being online. It’s an exciting experience and you’ll soon have a great source of income to help support your lifestyle.

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Persian Rug Dallas

What are modern rugs?



What are modern rugs

What are modern rugs?

Traditional rugs, or modern rugs?

Traditional rugs or present-day rugs, which one do you choose? It’s no sometimes mistaken that %100 wool rugs bearing ancient designs are often lumped together under the umbrella time period “traditional rug”  Wool rugs, not simplest offer fashion, but additionally, they add warmth in your residing area! Yes, their symbols Motifs and geometry were transmitted not via books or formal education but from the hand’s Hearts And minds of one weaver to any other no matter the habit of collectors and academics alike to codify oriental rug rugs patterns the artwork of rug weaving stays a residing culture. One this is constantly evolving as it courses through the lives of folks who exercise it.

Modern Area Rugs VS Traditional Living Room Rugs

By way of introducing a traditional oriental rug into a contemporary space, we can infuse an otherwise bloodless and calculated interior design with a feel of history and a hint of the natural at some point current Will forestall Being contemporary

inside the 50s, pink ceramic changed into “cutting-edge”

in the 70s, wooden paneling was considered “modern”

in the 90s, anything this is became taken into consideration “present-day”

you may see inside the images above that oriental rugs had been in style for centuries and will by no means go out






And Czars alike have indulged in the art of hand-knotted rugs. Now, if you don’t want to go for the “traditional rugs for dwelling room” appearance, discover ways to locate an oriental rug in a modern-day space.

Wherein is this style famous?

owners who have a present-day or minimalist residence find that the usage of modern location rugs of their houses assists combo their furniture. traditional decor that makes use of transitional styling regularly locate these rugs also beneficial. cutting-edge region rugs may be placed in extraordinary elements of the home, inclusive of the dwelling room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. place rugs are lovely because of their introduced texture and coloration. making an investment in modern-day region rugs or rugs contemporary design is also quite beneficial because they can be without difficulty blended and paired with the rest of your indoors design.


A modern rug can add a sublime function, harmonize disparate factors, or result in soothing serenity in a room, depending on your choice. Our carefully-selected hip and cutting-edge rug choices include hand knot, plush hand-tufted, dhurrie, flatweave, flokati, hooked, braided, sisal, and outside. From geometrics, chevrons, Ikat, Greek Key, quatrefoil, and trellis styles to strong and textural treats, you may find the perfect rug to make your room so very unique. whether or not you’re looking for flower, fauna, or bird styles in shiny Spring colors or cutting-edge photographs and damasks in black and white, crimson, blue, inexperienced, yellow, orange, brown, and other ambitious colorings, we have got it covered.

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